3 Phase Motor & Electric Motors

3 Phase Motor & Electric Motors

MT 3 Phase Motor & Electric Motors

The 3 phase motor & electric motors MT series follow standards UNEL-CEE. They are closed with external ventilator, protection IP-55 and isolation classifies F. The carcasses of our 3 phase motor & electric motors are made in aluminum alloy with treatment of painting EPOXI Ral 7031, by presenting a range since size 63 at size 112, for other sizes we have an agreement with the largest manufacturers of 3 phase motor & electric motors, of which we have a great stock.


Structural Features


The carcasses are made in aluminium treated with EPOXI, the rotors are balanced dynamically. The shafts are standardized in its diameter with tolerances J6 until diameter 28mm and K6 for higher diameters. The ventilators are of hard resin thermus and are bidirectional. The boxes of tips have entrances for press-packing PG-9 from sizes 63 to the 90 and PG-11 for the sizes 100 and 112.The bearings are radial with detent of double lip, lubricated of by life according to the references of the following table.

Motor size Nr. Bearing
6202 ZZ
6202 ZZ
6204 ZZ
6205 ZZ
6206 ZZ
6207 ZZ


Tensions and Frequencies

For 50 Hertz they are available in 220/380 in all the sizes in 220 volts until size 100 and 380/660 in size 112. Under demand they are possible to be provided to 60 Hertz or in 110 volts.



Under demand they are possible to be provided with forced ventilation, brakes and switches for the single-phase motors, so that the box of tips and the cable with the built-in attachment plug are provided with the switch connected in.



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