Mechanical reducer

Coaxial high torque gears

XR Coaxial high torque gears

The modern design with which these speed reducers, spur gears, parallel or orthogonal gears geared motors have been developed and the technology employed in their manufacture, the quality of the materials used together with the certified ISO-9001 standard quality assurances system, lend this series a high degree of reliability that ensures its integration and adaptation to the medium.

This series of universally fitting speed reducers comprises 7 types for different drive ratios; two or three reduction stages on the RO series and two, three or four reduction stages on the CRO series, in accordance with the desired gear ratio.




This modular gear reducer has been designed for universal attachment systems, since the housing is fitted with a base plateon both the top and bottom and is designed for attachment with B-14 flange on both sides, with a centering shoulder to couple B-5 flnges on both sides.



The gear reducer body and covers are made of highly resistant GG20 grey cast-iron, with ample proportions and deeply ribbed texture to withstand considerable stresses and vibrations.



The gears are made of casehardened alloy steel in accordance with IHA F154 and F156 for the gear pinions with a core breaking strain of 120 and 130 Kg/mm2 and F155 and F-158 for the gear wheels with a core breaking strain of 95 and 110 Kg/mm2. The surface hardness of both the pinions and wheels is 60/62 HRC and all the gears are flank ground with high precision machines.

In the bevel gear or perpendicular shaft reducers, the spiral bevel gear is of the Gleason type. The pinion is made of F156 steel with a core breaking strain of 130 Kg/mm2 whilst the wheel is made in F158 steel with a core breaking strain of 110Kg/mm2, both types of steel being casehardened, quenched and lapped to prevent vibrations during running.

The gears have been calculated precisely in terms of resistance and working life, using admissible work factors which are within the yield strengths of the materials selected.


Supports and output shafts

All the shafts are made with IHA F155 alloy with a core braking strain of 95 Kg/mm2.

In the input shaft is a one piece gear pinion and shaft, the material will be F153 or F156.

All shafts are mounted on the highest quality precision bearings with ample dimensions and all seatings have been ground to the tolerances required.

The gear reducer output shaft is hollow, enabling the assembly of one-piece shafts of the shape and length required. On request, single and double output shafts can be supplied.



The watertight sealing of the unit is maintained by acrylnitrile-butadiene rubber ring seals, whilst if required for high temperature work, the seals are of synthetic fluorine rubber (VITON).



Type 0 and 1 speed reducers are supplied with polyolefin bassed synthetic oil in accordance with ISO VG 320, are completely oiltight and can adopt any position. As from type 2, the reducers are supplied without oil and topping up is the user´s responsibility, who should specify the fitting position in order to define the location of the filling, level and drain plugs.

A maintenance and lubrication instruction manual is supplied with each device.


Power and Efficiency

The power levels indicated in the selection table are valid for uniform work applications and 10 hours operation, with no shocks or overloads.

If other working conditions are applied, the correct work factor for each application must be consulted on the tables in this catalogue.

This efficiency of each gear reducer is rated in accordance with the number of stages or reduction gear trains. For gears in the RO and CRO gear reducer series, this would be 98.5 to 99% for each reduction stage.

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