Pendular gear reducers

Pendular-gear speed reducer with one gearset

DPs Pendular-gear speed reducer with one gearset

The DPS series gear reducers can be up directly on the engine shaft to be run and are used when it is not possible to prepare a surface in order to hold the power point of the gear reducer.

This kind of reducer hangs on the engine shaft, supported by the pendular gear reducer hollow shaft. A strainer must be set up for this assembly. This strainer usually consists of pulleys and its aim is to absorb start-up of the feed end transmission. This start- up is always constant with transmission voltage. The gear reducer has some power points that can screw the strainer to both the gear reducer and the engine. All information of this product can be easily found in ìaccessoriesî.

Gear reducer belonging to DPS series, are made with one gearset. The sizes are 15, 25, and 30, the dimensions of the hollow shaft are from 25mm to 45 mm, we make the ratios 1/6, and 1/8. This model can also incorporate an anti-return device.


Structural Features


Gear reducers belonging to DPS series are made up of one gearset (DP-15, DP-25 and DP-30).

The carcasses are made of GG-25 grey-cast iron, and they are available for all kind of reducers. This makes them perform efficiently under stressed conditions, vibrations or any kind of setback that cannot be avoided during the assembly.

The hollow output shafts are made of F-1140 steel, and the hollow input shafts of F-1540 hardened steel (58-60 Rockwell C hardness)

For sizes DPS-15,DPS-25,DP-30, the remaining gears are made of F-1540 and 1550 steel. This complete set of gears has ground-on teeth sides and 6 DIN 3962 quality. This makes the gear reducers perform efficiently and silently. (With a low noise level).

The detents, made of NITRILE BUTADIENE in agreement with DIN 3760, high quality bearings, an EPOXI- impregnated finish ( 2 components) and a grey- coloured SINGLE LAYER ENAMEL finish ( 2 components) ( RAL 7672), provide the most competitive gear reducer on the market.



The lubrication of this type of gear reducer is constant and comes as Standard, with high quality refined oils, non-rusting products, non-wear products, with Fe and Cu protectors and mixed metals with CLP DN 51517-3 quality, level 12 FZG, AP GL ñ 4, US 224, AGMA 250-04; therefore not requiring any kind of maintenance.



This type of reducer is provided of a permanent lubrication and it does not require any type of maintenance.


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