Variable speed electric motor

Variable speed electric motor

MQ Variable speed electric motor

Our series MQ worm-gear variable speed electric motor are made in nodular foundry G-25. Its square box allows the adaptation by anyone of its three mechanized faces.

The rigidity of this format comes given by the block, which supports itself the tension between the worm-gear and the wheel. For that reason the operating time ratio of this varible speed electric motor is higher than series MF.

If it is necessary, we are able to provide this kind of variable speed electric motor in nodular foundry GGG-40, by this way it could be useful as a support of the machine.



Structural Features

The worm-gear reducer is made up of three main parts: housing, worm-gear and wheel.

The carcasses are built out in nodular foundry GG-25 of GG-25 for each sizes of this model, which gives an exceptional behaviour to tiredness, vibrations, or in the event of any other impossible problem to avoid during the assembly.

The worm-gear is built out of cement steel and soaked, and the rectified flanks of teeth as well as the crown are built out of bronze DIN (GZ-CuSn 12 Ni2) and are melted on steel. Due to the mechanical work of these two parts having high quality, excellent performance and low noise levels have been achived.

The output shaft is hollow, although it is possible to adapt a solid shaft.

The oil seal made of NITRILE BUTADIENE, according to DIN 3760, high quality bearings, an EPOXI-impregnated finish (2components), and grey-coloured SINGLE LAYER ENAMEL finish (2 components), RAL 7672, provide the most competitive ear reducer on the market.


Assembly Position


In order to set up a gear reducer and to make it work efficiently, the following instructions must be taken into account:

  • It must be fixed on a flat surface to avoid either vibrations or tensions nonwished
  • If undistributed loads or continued start-ups are foreseen, it is recommended to insert compensating couplings, connectors, torque limiters etc.
  • If the gear reducer had to be painted, the detents must be covered to prevent them from drying and losing their seal.
  • The machine work of the fittings set up in the output shafts need an ISO H7 or h6 margin for the hollow shaft.



It is wise to pay attention to this factor when the gear reducer output shaft is driven instead of being a driver. Bearing in mind that one of the features of this worm-gear reducer is the fact that cannot be axle-driven by the output shaft (irreversibility), it is almost impossible to meet total irreversibility conditions, due to external factors such as vibrations, etc. This is why, when the application requires total irreversibility, it is advisable to make use of external brakes with enough power to avoid slipping.

It could be said that the conditions under which irreversibility can happen are as follows:

• output < 0,55 (see table of technical features).




This kind of gear reducer is provided with a permanent lubrication, so it does not need any kind of maintenance.




The lubrication of this gear reducer type is constant and comes as standard, with high quality refined oil which has antirust and antiwear products with Fe, Cu and alloy protectors that has CLP DIN 51517-3, FGZ level 12, AP GL-4, US 224, AGMA 250-04 level of quality; for that reason its maintenance is not needed.


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